attention games

Do You Need Attention Games?

If you face rooms full of sleepy or distracted faces while you try to teach, train or conduct meetings, then attention games can help!

  • Attention games wrap your message in a fun activity that will grab and hold people's attention. Your message might be a classroom lesson, details for an orientation, employee training, or almost anything!
  • Games provide a fun way for people to learn or review information (often dry, dull or technical stuff)
  • Quiz games that feature your subject matter questions let people practice recall of your information in a fun format. Normally, such practice is called a "drill" because it's about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. But when you turn practice recall into a quiz game, it becomes an interactive game.

For 14 years, Bodine Training Games LLC has been creating attention games used in education, training and public outreach. These games can be delivered by you as a presentation in a classroom or meeting. Here's an example of a game that you customize yourself by adding quiz questions to a game show on any subject. This one uses humorous feedback from a game show host (pictured above) to keep things lively.

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