attention games

Do You Need Attention Games?

  • Attention games are very useful to people who teach, train, or present information to others.
  • Attention games wrap your message in a fun activity that will grab and hold people's attention so your message can be delivered. Your message might be a classroom lesson, details for an orientation, employee training, or almost anything!
  • Attention games provide a fun way to help people learn or review information (often dry, dull or technical stuff)

Attention games are used in education, training, advertising, marketing, public education and just for entertainment.

For 10 years, Bodine Training Games LLC has been creating attention games. The games can be delivered by you as a presentation, in a classroom or meeting. Or, attention games can be available from your web site. Here's an example of an attention game that you customize yourself by adding quiz questions to a game show on any subject.

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